The deafening silence

What is behind the recent Brazilian abstention on the United Nations Human Rights Council in voting about Syria and Iran? What is the real motivation? As a Brazilian citizen, I feel ashamed for this.

The civilized world is facing tough times in its daily battles against terrorist organizations and groups. Rather than conniving with two brutal and truculent regimes which constantly violate the most basic human rights of women and minorities, Brazil must (urgently) stand by its historical positions (and apologize to the international community).

Other plural and democratic nations have voted against Syria and Iran. Brazil has chosen a different way. Why?

Brazil is a vibrant and multicultural democracy which congregates people from all over the world. Its people are proud of its diversity and miscegenation generated by the arrival of several immigration waves. Other plural and democratic nations as United States, German, Sweden and Portugal have voted against Syria and Iran. Brazil has chosen a different way. Why?

Syria and Iran are led by extremists who crush their own people and claim to want the total destruction of Israel, a country which is a solid and consolidated democracy, and has the legitimate right to defend its people and its land, in face of attack or imminent threat.

Brazilian diplomacy seems to be in a shadowy moment. The constant silence on massacres promoted by Venezuelan government against protesters is a tragic and unequivocal example. Something is wrong when the diplomatic service of a country doesn´t represent its core principles and values. That´s a cruel silence. That´s a deafening silence!


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